Takeaways from The Phoenix Project

project takeaway

Pinnacle’s Business Developer Manager, Jeff Noffsinger, wrote a fantastic review of the book The Phoenix Project. Here is his book report on LinkedIn: 9 Takeaways from The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project has been on my to-read list for awhile and now I’m even more intrigued. It tells the story of a fictional IT shop with real-world problems. Jeff’s article identifies 9 takeaways from the protagonist’s journey that are applicable to almost any IT organization:

  1. Align IT goals with business goals
  2. Prioritize work
  3. Understand your constraints
  4. Form appropriate teams
  5. Foster trust
  6. Automate everything
  7. Embrace mentorship
  8. Publish results
  9. Break from convention

These takeaways resonate with me as they did with Jeff. Do they resonate with you? Join the discussion on LinkedIn.